Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm still here. I'm lazy, but I'm here :) Trying to adjust to the cold weather (brrrr!) that seems to bother me more than it bothers Toby. I think he actually likes it and he can't wait for the cold, snowy, Chicago winter.

Right now we're on our way to visit Toby's grandma. He loves all the attention (and treats) that he's getting over there. I'll see you later! Enjoy this picture of Toby camouflaged in the leaves :)

"Mommy, can you see me?"


  1. Happy Halloween(almost in my time) And every corgi would almost never freeze because their coats are "Weather proof." Hope to see some Toby Halloween pics!

  2. Happy Halloween now! Can't wait to see what Toby does in this holiday.

  3. Happy Halloween to you too!
    Toby has a pumpkin costume, but it's hard to take pics cos he's always moving LOL But I'll try my best and I'll post soon some pics of him all dressed up :)

  4. Haha. If Peanut went into training I would not even be able to take him with me on Hallowoeen. Oh! And the flea med I am using on him was over-the-counter because he really needed it and the brand is Ultra Guard. I am planning on getting the one prescribed by his vet ASAP, because this brand is not working that well.

  5. thanks for following our blog (a corgi in Southern California). Toby is so cute!! I think corgis like cooler weather rather than the hot because of their thick fur and muscular build. Koda is very happy when it is 55 degrees or lower. We lived in Montana the first 2 years of his life and he loved the snow. I used to worry that he would be cold out there playing with my son as my son would be building snowmen, etc but Koda thrived on it.

    looking forward to getting to know you more....