Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010 pictures

Toby doesn't care too much for costumes, yet I continue to buy them :) This year for Halloween he was a... pumpkin. Enjoy the pictures!

He really hated the head-piece from the costume, you can tell from his face :)

Enjoying a treat from grandma

Me, Toby and my bf's sister with an ugly, scary mask :)

"C'mon, throw the ball already!"

"Ah, take another picture, I closed my eyes in this one!" :)


  1. he's cute! Koda is not fond of any type of clothes/hats on him so we don't even try here :)

    enjoy your day :)


  2. Awww so cute!

    I make Sadie dress up every year haha.

    -Laurie and Sadie

  3. Aw!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting to see Toby in his costume!!! The cute-o'-meter just exploded(hehe) He is so adorable.

  4. @Betty: Toby said that I should follow your example :)

    @Laurie: We thank you for following us. And I know it's hard to resist buying costumes every year. Toby has a Santa costume too. You guys will see pics around Xmas :)

    @Peanut: Thanks! I had to look through lots of pics until I found these. It's hard to take pictures when he's always moving :)

  5. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

  6. @Lisa: Thanks!

    @Peanut: We'll probably go to my future mother-in-law, because I don't feel like cooking yet, I'll save all the energy for the Christmas dinner :)