Friday, October 15, 2010

The day we brought Toby home...

...was the beginning of a new life for us; we now had a tiny creature that depended on us for everything, that wanted to be around us 24/7.
He was such a good puppy. He was also quiet. I remember that we were trying to make him bark so we can hear his cute voice. :)

I'll share some pics with you from Toby's first night with us. They're proof that you can buy happiness :) (There is also a quote that says: "Whoever said you can't buy happiness, forgot little puppies.")

Also, here is a video of baby Toby. Enjoy! :)


  1. Sooo cute! Gibson was quiet at first too. We thought he wouldn't be a barker. Boy were we wrong!! lol :)

  2. The first few days of Peanut, he slept in his crate, so he barked all night for 2 days. He also hid under my couch, because he was a shy guy. I miss those floppy ears and when he fist slept on his back...

    How old is Toby now?

  3. @Kelly: lol, sometimes I wonder what happened with that quiet pup, too :)

    @Peanut: I read that new puppies will cry for the first few night in their new home, so we were expecting that with Toby, but to our surprise, he was a very good boy and we heard him whine only for a couple of minutes.

    He'll be 19 months on the 23rd :)

  4. Aww Toby Is so cute, Actually Gizmo was quite to when I first got him too but now all he does is bark at everything lol

  5. Wow! Andreea you have a very mature man there. You are so lucky that Toby only cried for a few minutes!!!!

  6. Such a cute little guy. Enjoyed seeing his photos.

  7. Thanks, Colleen. So nice seeing you here, too :)